Log File Analysis

The mundane task of reading through logfiles generated by the myriad of services provided by your network can become unwieldy. Even with some form of log file parser and web based tools there still has to be some form of regular, and disciplined, scanning of these logs. As this task can be very monotonous it is usually left to inexperienced staff, that do not have the back ground in all the services and their issues. This could lead to minor issues being missed and to future failures of those services.

PyeNet Universal, can with years of experience, provide a detailed, and knowledgeable, scan of the log files produced and bring them together so that a single page report can be produced with the critical issues highlighted. The main advantage of this service is that the parser of these files is a person with years of experience.

The areas that we can cover are:

  • NetWare Server logs.
  • GroupWise log files.
  • Web Server log files (Apache, Novonyx etc.)
  • Along with many other log files.

Another area where log file analysis can be performed is after an event, to find what went wrong and why. Analysis of log files can be important to prevent the issue from reappearing. PyeNet Universal can provide this forensic analysis service of log files.