An on-screen Alerter

This is my version of an item I saw from the Jun 2006 Issue 14 of the TUX Magazine.

To have a message display on the screen overriding all other windows etc. use the On Screen Display utility osd_cat.

To alert when new email arrives, such as notifications from the Nagios monitoring system, the following setup is used.

Create a shell script, calling it something like

  echo "Alert from Nagios has Arrived" | \
      osd_cat -p middle -A center -f -*-lucida-*-*-*-*-*-240 -d 30 -s 1

This script echos the text supplied into the osd_cat command which uses:

  -p Position (top to bottom)

  -A Alignment (left to right)

  -f Font (Note the *-*- etc. need to be correct)

  -d Delay - how long the message is displayed in seconds.

  -s Shadow - which makes the text standout a little better, a value of 1 or 2, no more.

Now add a filter to Evolution

  Tools -> Filters...


  Rule Name: Nagios Alarm Alerter

  If Sender Contains: -the from email address here-

  Then Run Program: /path-to-script/

One nice thing about this is that even though I run my email client over a ssh session, using the -X option, the display is still forwarded and appears on my "client" machine.

The osd_cat utility comes as part of the xosd package which can be installed using YaST on SUSE 10.1 etc.

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