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Note for:   Thomas Edgar White,    - 1952         Index

     Place:   Gisborne Area

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     *Death Details Date: 1952, Folio No: 1384, Area: Gisborne, June quarter*

*Marriage Details Date: 1934, Folio No: 7065*

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Note for:   Helen Nellie Ratcliffe,    -          Index

     Place:   Gisborne Area

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     Surname from Marriage Folio

*Marriage Details Date: 1934, Folio No: 7065*

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Note for:   Brian Harold White,   1942 - ABT 2000         Index

     Place:   Gisborne Area

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     *Birth Details Date: 1942, Folio No: 2484, Area: Gisborne, June quarter*

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Note for:   Elizabeth Anna Gichard,   23 JUN 1877 - 1 JAN 1954         Index

     Date:   4 JAN 1954
     Place:   Archer Street, Q E Park, Masterton Cemetery

Individual Note:
     Elizabeth Anne grew up in Wanganui but left home when 23 after an argument

du Guichard - French name myth has it that they escaped from the French Revolution

*Birth Details Date: 1877, Folio No: 2201, Area: Feilding, September quarter*

Birth Certificate shows When and Where: 23/6/1877, Feilding, Elizabeth Anna, Father: William Gichard, Occ: Labourer, Aged: 28, Birthplace: St Blazey, England, Mother: Anna Gichard nee Best, Aged: 24, Birthplace: St Blazey, England, Parents married: 22/7/1876, Feilding, Informant: William Gichard, Father, Feilding

The Wanganui Herald 18th November 1884 shows
The above school was examined on November 5th and 6th by Mr Inspector Bindon, with the following results:—:
First Class; 10 presented; 10 passed.
Boys. - Dean Robert, Murray James, Whitlock Percy, Tarrant Arthur, Low John. Girls.— Doble Martha, Kendall Alice, Vincent Agnes, Gichard Elizabeth, Wright Florrie.

The Wanganui Herald 12th December 1887 shows
Aramoho School Results.
The following are the names of those who passed in the standard examinations at Aramoho last week, Mr Lock securing a percentage of 74.5 :—
Standard II. — Harry Gurr, Willie Fowler, Arthur Benefield, Harry Lock, Frank Yardley, Willie Brough, George Fleetwood, Edward Butler, Thomas Kendall, Emison Gilby, William Anderson, George Fowler, George Annabell, Thomas Ellis, George Myers, Bella Hogg, Julia Gichard, Annie O'Brien, Mary Gibson, Bella Cathro, Mary McDonald, Lizzie Kurth. Presented, 29 ; passed, 22
Standard III.— Llewellyn Allen, Annessley Eyre, George Powell, Arthur Finer, Thomas Finer, Charles Walsh, Alice Kendall, Agnes Vincent, Lizzie Gichard. Presented, 22 : passed, 9.

The Wanganui Herald 9th October 1889 shows
Scripture Examinations.
The annual scripture examination held under the auspices of the Auckland Sunday School Union were very successful, some 500 children submitting themselves at the various centres. Wanganui sent up 69, of whom 53 passed. Out of 30 candidates the Wesleyans secured 26 passes, of 34 Presbyterians 23 passed, and 4 out of the 5 Baptists who entered. The names of the scholars who won certificates are as follows :
Senior Division (over 16 years). — 2nd class certificate : Walter F. Ellis (Trinity). Third Division (14 to 16 years). — 1st class certificates : Harriet Curtis (Trinity), Florence Spurdle (Trinity). 2nd class certificates : Ruth Signal and Emma Shaw (Trinity). 3rd class certificates: Annie Sewell (Aramoho), Edward Andrew and William Beaven (Trinity).
    Second Division (11 to 13 years). — 1st class certificates : Sissie Gichard (Aramoho), Elizabeth Hicks (Trinity), J. McLean Hogg (Aramoho), and Percy Tingey (Trinity). 2nd class certificates : Maggie Spurdle (Trinity), Agnes Vincent (Aramoho), and Alice Gavey (Aramoho). 3rd class certificates : Mary Jane May (Aramoho), Elizabeth Hart (Aramoho), Lucy Purnell (Trinity), Fred Beaven, and Florence Ellis (Aramoho).
    First Division (under 11 years. — 1st class certificate : Maurice Spurdle (Trinity). 2nd class certificate : Emison Gilby (Aramoho) . 3rd class certificates : Susan Gavey (Aramoho), Julia Gichard (Aramoho), Eliza Jones (Trinity), Zilpah Arthur (Trinity), Jessie May Caddy (Trinity).

The Wanganui Herald 11th December 1889 shows
Standard Examinations.
The Aramoho School was examined on the 4th, 5th, and 6th. No. on books 178, No. present at examination 169. Percentage of passes omitting exceptions 89.4. The following are the names of those who passed : —
Standard II (Boys) - George Harris, James Irvine, George Mayes, Henry Harris, Charlie Newham, Percy Benefield, William Black, Alfred White, David Anthony, George Gichard, Arthur Brough, John Keegan, Walter McElwain, and Allen Ewing.
Standard III (Girls).— Ada Muller, Julia Gichard, Mary Gibson, May Gurr, Ada Gavey, Annie Fish, Lizzie Scally, Georgina Gellatly, Hilda Whitlock, Susan Gavey, Marion Powell, Louisa Lambert, Florence McCaul, Janet Lynch, Lizzie Sewell, Lucy Jones, Ruth Gilbert, Bella Cathro, Edith Clifton, Maud McNeill, Harriet Orton, Sarah McElwain, and Katie Phillips.
Standard V (Girls)— Mary Scally, Gertrude Lock, Lizzie Gichard, and Annie Ritchie.

The Wanganui Herald 5th May 1900 shows
An examination was held by Dr Hatherly on Monday, April 30th, of a class of ladies who have been attending a course of lectures given by Dr Innes on "First Aid to the Injured." The following are the names of those who succeeded in satisfying the examiner, and are entitled to the certificate of the order: —
Mary L. Clare, Eva Worgan, Jeanetta Clare, Harriett Bridge, Sarah F. R. Blyth, Hilda Norris, Annie Carson, Annie H. Randal, Jessie Brechin, Alice Gordon, Annie Barr, Laura Peat, Alice Sommerville, Kathleen Gordon, Ethel E. Bell, Elizabeth Gichard, Sarah Wheeler, Ruth Signal, Ellen Salt, Harriett Crouchcr, Rachel Godwin.
The second, or advanced course, of lectures, namely, "Home Nursing and Hygiene," will begin early next month. Only those candidates who have passed the examination in "First Aid" can enter for this course. The lectures will be delivered by Dr Saunders, and Mr Sherriff's studio has been selected for this purpose by the committee.

The Wanganui Herald 31st August 1901 shows
The secretary of the ladies' classes of the Ambulance Association has forwarded to us the following report of the examination recently conducted by Dr. Saunders. Two classes presented themselves for examination, both, having been instructed by Dr Barnard. The names of the third year students who have qualified, and are therefore entitled to claim the medallion, which is the highest award of merit offered by the Society, are as follows:—
Jessie Hoey and Elizabeth Kelly, who tie for the highest place; Sarah R. Blyth, Gertrude Dymock and Rachel Godwin, equal; Ethelred R. Taylor, Eveline Browne, Annie Young, Janet Brechin, Mary L. Clare, and Hilda Norris, equal; Annie H. Randall, Eva Worgan, Elizabeth Gichard, Olive Bayley, Annie Barr, Jeanetta Clare. Those who have satisfied the examiner that they are competent to render "First Aid to the Injured" are:— Edith Randall, Annie E. Tucker, Emily Carson, Elizabeth Blyth, Margaret Parkes, Eleanor M. Tucker, Grace M. Russel, and Janet Currie, equal; Maggie Hamilton, Rose Woodward, Iney Pownall, Nina M. Maclean, Edith Hamilton, Nellie Currie, Charlotte Ferguson, Anna C. Brookfield, Emily Dunn.

The Wanganui Herald 6th December 1901 shows
Distribution of Certificates
There was not a very large attendance at the Museum Hall last evening, on the occasion of the presentation of certificates to members of the local branch of the St. John Ambulance Association. The Mayor presided. An interesting programme was gone through previous to the distribution, the Items including songs by Misses Jessie Griffiths and K. McBeth and Messrs L. Bassett and Basil Taylor (both the latter being encored); recitation, Mrs L. Jones (encored); violin solo, Mr F. Hatherly; and address on "Rahere" by Dr Saunders. In the course of his lecture Dr Saunders not only gave some interesting information concerning the founder of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, but also related some later historical recollections connected with the institution. The Hospital was founded in 1123, in West Smithfield, London, and now the annual income amounted to close on£90,000. It contained beds for over 700 patients, besides which there is the out-patient department affording relief to 150,000 yearly. The May (Mayor) distributed the certificates to the following successful students, after making a few appropriate remarks:—
HOME NURSING. — Sarah R. Blyth, Elizabeth Kelly, Jessie Hoey, Bertha Taylor, G. Eveline Browne, Ethelred Taylor, Rachel Godwin, Jane P. Stewart, Mary L. Clare, Ada Beaven, Annie Beaven, Gertrude Dymock, Janet Brechin, Annie H. Randall, Hilda Norris, Annie Young, Jeanetta Clare, Olive Bayly, Laura Peat, Eva Worgan, Elizabeth Gichard, Alice Sommerville (Mrs C. Dymock), Alice Burgess, Annie Barr, Ellen Salt.

The Wanganui Herald 12th October 1906 shows
A quiet wedding was celebrated at the residence of Mr Bert Head, Aramoho, on Wednesday, October 10th, when Miss Annie Head, only daughter of Mr Lewis Head, of the Railway Department, was married to Mr William Hutcheon Carrie, of Aramoho. Miss E. A. Gichard acted as bridesmaid, Mr Alfred Head as best man, and Mr Percy Fiel as groomsman. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. W. J. Oxbrow. The bride was given away by Mr Percy Fiel. The bride wore a dress of cream silk and the bridesmaid a grey tailor-made costume.

*Marriage Details Date: 1908, Folio No: 2846*

Date of Marriage from Gwenyth Graham Miller's Birth Cert 20 April 1908 in Wanganui and Douglas Robert Miller's Birth Cert

Marriage Certificate States: Folio No 28, 1908 (no date), S. Laurence Church, Aramoho (Wanganui); John Graham Miller, Aged: 28, Occ: Fish Culturist, Bachelor, Birthplace: Muthill Scotland, Residence: Present: Aramoho, Usual: Masterton, Father: Alexander Miller, Grocer, Mother: Catherine Ann Miller nee McIntyre; Elizabeth Anna Gichard, Aged: 30, Occ: Blank, Spinster, Birthplace: Feilding, NZ, Residence: Present: Aramoho, Usual: Aramoho, Father: William Gichard, Plumber, Mother: Hannah Gichard nee Best
Witnesses A?ch? Glen Baker, Masterton; Emma Gichard, Aramoho

1911 Masterton Roll shows Miller Elizabeth Anna, Fish Ponds, Masterton, Married

*Death Details Date: 1954, Folio No: 581, Area: Masterton, March quarter*

Masterton Cemetery Records shows Miller, Elizabeth A, Record: 006790, Aged: 76, Cemetery: Archer Street, Q E Park, Plan II Row 32 Plot EAM, Date of Death: 1/1/1954, Date of Burial: 4/1/1954

The Wairarapa Times-Age 2nd January 1954 shows
Miller - On January 1, 1954, Elisabeth Anna, loved wife of John Graham Miller, of 10 Totara Street, Landsdowne, Masterton, loved mother of Gwen (Mrs L. I?. Stewart, Dannevirke), Jean (Mrs M. A. Venables, Napier), and Douglas (R.N.Z.A.F., Blenheim). Funeral service at St. Matthew's Church, Monday, January 4, 1954, at 11 a.m. following by interment in the Masterton Cemetery
Mrs J. G. Miller
The death occurred yesterday of Mrs Elisabeth Anna Miller, wife of Mr John Graham Miller, of 10 Totara Street, Masterton.
The late Mrs Miller was born at Feilding 76 years ago, and has resided in Masterton for over 50 years. She was an active worker for many years in the Church of the Epiphany Women's Guild. The late Mrs Miller is survived by her husband, two daughters, Mrs L I? Stewart, Dannevirke, and Mrs A. M. Venables, Napier, and a son, Mr D. Miller, R.N.Z.A.F., Blenheim.
The funeral will take place on Monday, leaving for the Masterton Cemetery after a service at 11 a.m. at St. Matthew's Church

Headstone Reads,
In Loving Memory of
Elizabeth Anna Miller Died Jan 1 1954 aged 76
John Graham Miller Died Feb 20 1961 aged 81
(A smaller stone as the base reads)
In memory of Douglas Robert Miller B.E.M
W O 70453 RNZAF
Born 22/10/1919
Died 23/12/1987
Erected by his children Graham Bruce & Maree