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Note for:   Elizabeth Ann Payton,   25 JUN 1853 - 18 JUN 1922         Index

     Date:   22 JUN 1922
     Place:   Karori Cemetery

Individual Note:
     Some details from C W Bott's Ancestry Record

*Marriage Details Date: 1870, Folio No: 570*

1893 Electoral Roll shows Fisk Elizabeth Ann, Number: 14664, Electorate: Wellington, Voting Qualification: Residential, Residential Address: 51 Ghuznee St, Occ: Housewife

1897 Wairau Electoral Roll shows Elizabeth Fisk, Deep Creek, Domestic Duties, Residential

1919 Wellington Central Electoral Roll shows Fisk Elizabeth Ann, 55 Webb Street, Married

*Death Date: 1922, Folio No: 1413, Area: Wellington, June quarter*

The Evening Post 19th June 1922 shows
Fisk - On the 18th June 1922, at Wellington, Elizabeth Ann, relict of the late Arthur Fisk, in her 69th year
Funeral Notice
The Funeral of the late Elizabeth Ann Fisk will leave her daughter's residence (Mrs J. H. Reynolds) 145, Onepu road, Lyall Bay, Tomorrow, Tuesday 20th June, 1922 at 1.45 p.m. for the Karori Cemetery. Robt. H. Wilson and Son Undertakers and Embalmers Telephone 24-155 164, Adelaide rd

Karori Headstone reads
In loving memory of our dear father Arthur Fisk died 16 Nov 1920 aged 77 years. Also our dear mother Elizabeth Anne Fisk died 18 June 1922 aged 69 years. Capt Henry Fisk died 25 July 1919 aged 79. Mary Mercer Fisk died 5 Nov 1927 aged 79 years

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Note for:   Isaac Fisk,   ABT 1812 - ABT 1848         Index

Individual Note:
     Some details from C W Bott's Ancestry Record

Occ: Blacksmith

Latter Day Saints IGI Marriage Records show Date: 21/9/1832, Dallinghoo, Suffolk, England, Names: Isaac Fisk and Hannah Weyman, Batch No: M062931, Dates: 1559 - 1837, Source Call No: 0919570, Type: Film, Printout Call No: 1238686, Type: Film

1841 English Census shows Isaac Fisk, Head, Aged: 30, Birthplace: Suffolk, Registration District: Suffolk, Civil Parish: Charsfield, Address: Pembleton's Lane, Charsfield

*Free BMD Records show Death Registered: December 1848, District: Woodbridge, Isaac Fisk, Volume: 12, Page 331, Unsure if correct one?*

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Note for:   Henry Fisk,   Chr. 30 APR 1843 - 1 JUN 1920         Index

     Date:   30 APR 1843
     Place:   Dallinghoo, Suffolk, England

     Date:   4 JUN 1920
     Place:   Karori Cemetery

Individual Note:
     Name from Karori Cemetery Headstone

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand page 371 has a picture of Captain H Fisk and an account of his life. It states he has 3 daughters and six sons

*Latter Day Saints IGI Records show Henry Fisk, Date of Christening: 30/4/1843, Dallinghoo, Suffolk, England, Parents: Isaac Fisk and Anna Weyman, Batch No: C062931, Dates: 1813 - 1875, Source Call No: 0919570, Type: Film, Printout Call No: 883924*

1851 English Census shows Henry Fisk, Son, Aged: 8, Occ: Day Scholar, Birthplace: Charsfield, Suffolk, England, Civil Parish: Woodbridge, County: Suffolk, Dwelling: Cuttings Lane

*Marriage Details Date: 1867, Folio No: 578*

1870 City of Wellington Electoral Roll shows Henry Fisk, Place of Abode: Cuba Street, Nature of Qualification: Freehold, Cuba Street, part of town acre 378

1871 - 1872 City of Wellington Electoral Roll shows Henry Fisk, Place of Abode: Cuba Street, Nature of Qualification: Freehold, Cuba Street, part of acre 378

The Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle 27th December 1871 shows
Nelson Regatta
Our annual Regatta, which came off yesterday, if not so successful as might have been desired, afforded some exciting and excellent sport.
But we must describe the races of the day
Coasters Race - Eight Miles. First prize, 7 pounds; second prize, 3 pounds
Mr. J. S. Cross's Three Brother . . . . . . 1
Mr. D. Hall's Planet. . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Captain Fisk's XXX. . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
The three boats entered for this race were very unequally matched in size, but an allowance of one minute per ton on their difference in tonage was supposed to place them on an equality. The XXX was considerably the largest of the three, and she had the reputation of being one of the fastest little vessels on the coast, so although the Planet, built for the Motueka trade, was known to be a remarkably smart craft of twelve or fourteen tons, XXX, which hails from Blenheim, was rather the favourite. Through the two smaller boats fouling their anchors in the Government moorings, the start was most unfavourable to them. XXX got away smartly, and went down the harbour before a strong breeze to beat out to the boat anchored about three and a-half miles up the bay. The Three Brothers was not able to follow for fully a quarter of an hour, while it took the crew of the Planet three quarters of an hour before they could unshackle her chain and get free. Of course this was supposed to put the latter boat out of the race, but her crew thought otherwise, and to the astonishment of everyone, from her weatherly qualities, she was really the first to round the buoy, and gained the winning buoy three minutes in advance of The Brothers; but the allowance in tonnage will, we believe, give the race to the second boat, as she claims from the Planet at least five minutes' allowance. XXX, of which so much was expected, could not get to windward, and never reached the flag boat.
... continued

The Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle 11th February 1873 shows
Shipping Intelligence
Cleared Outwards
February 3, ketch XXX, 20, Fisk, for Wairau

The Evening Post 14th July 1875 shows
Port of Wellington
July 13 - Falcon, ketch, 38 tons, Fisk, for Wairau

The Evening Post 15th November 1875 shows
November 14 - Falcon, ketch, 37 tons, Fisk, for Blenheim via White Bay

The Evening Post 6th October 1877 shows
Port of Wellington
October 6 - Napier, ss, 48 tons, Fisk, for Blenheim. Passengers - Mrs. Budge and family, Messrs. Elbeck, Watson, Samuels and McCaul

The Evening Post 15th March 1879 shows
Port of Wellington
March 15 - Napier, ss, 48 tons, Fisk , from Blenheim.
The s.s. Napier arrived from Blenheim early this morning and returns to same port tonight.

1880 - 1881 Electoral Roll shows Henry Fisk, Place of Abode: Blenheim, Nature of Qualification: Freehold, Electorate: Wairau, Mariner

1882 Electoral Roll shows Henry Fisk, Blenheim, Freehold, Mariner, Blenheim section 173

The Evening Post 21st November 1890 shows
The steam yacht Torea, which has for some time past been undergoing a thorough overhaul by Messrs. Luke & Sons, was taken out for a trial trip round the harbour yesterday afternoon. Her engines have been thoroughly overhauled, and they worked very smoothly. A new boiler, capable of sustaining a pressure up to 1001b of steam, has been put into her, and the speed attained during the trip was equal to nearly ten knots. After doing service as a ferry steamer to the German Squadron, the Torea proceeds to the Sounds to resume her old running between Picton, The Grove, and Endeavour Inlet. Captain H. Fisk is still master.

The Evening Post 26th November 1890 shows
The Screw Steam Yacht Torea, during the stay of the German Squadron in Harbour, will ply between Jervois quay and the Fleet daily, commencing Saturday, 22nd inst., at 2 p.m.; other days 10 a.m. Trips every half hour. Return fares, 1 shillings
H. Fisk, Master

New Maritime Index shows Name: Captain Fisk, Flourished: 1899, Role: Captain
Abstract: P.1 Brief mention of Captain Fisk of the SS Pania in connection with a new fog-signal at Pencarrow. Masters of ships trading into Wellington had been asked to report the effectiveness or otherwise of the new signal. Captain Fisk reported that he was able to enter the harbour in a fog on the night of 25 March 1899, guided by the flash and signal sound, where previously he would not have been able to do so.
Fisk, H, Flourished: c1904, Role: Pilot , Abstract: Announces that H Fisk had been appointed Pilot and Signalman at Wairau, due to the retirement of the previous holder of the position, during the course of the year ended 31 March 1904
Fisk, Henry, Flourished: 1903, Role: Pilot, Abstract: Name appears in a short list of those granted a license as a Colonial Pilot in the year ending 31 March 1903. Henry Fisk's license was no. 32, issued 26 Jan 1903, his port of residence was Blenheim and the license expiry date was 26 Jan 1904.

The Evening Post 3rd October 1906 shows
Salvage Work
Captain Fisk Interviewed
Captain Fisk, of the Aorere, which vessel picked up the disabled barque, was interviewed this morning by a Post reporter, and stated that the Aorere was on her way from Patea to Wellington, and had steamed down to a point a little south of Kapiti Island, when, without any warning, she was struck by a heavy southerly squall of hurricane force. She put back to Kapiti for shelter, afterwards making her way to Ohau Bay, where she remained until 5 p.m. on Monday.
Whilst anchored in the bay a wreck was sighted drifting through the middle of the Straits about five miles off the bay.
A heavy sea was running at the time, accompanied by a fresh S.E. breeze and squalls. As the sea showed signs of moderating Captain Fisk hove up his anchor and set out in pursuit of the derelict, arriving alongside of her at 6.30 on Monday evening. No response was received to signals made, so it was decided to stand by until daylight, and the Aorere accordingly went alongside the barque and held on all night.
At 4.30 in the morning the mate of the Aorere, Mr. J. G. Gilbertson, and three of the crew were told ? to board the barque. The boat was launched and the men transferred to the barque without much difficulty, the sea having moderated considerably. The derelict had a heavy list to port, and her gear was all hanging over the port side.
As soon as the tow rope had been secured, the Aorere set off with her prize at 5 o'clock, heading in the direction of Mana Island. All the time the wind and sea were going down, but still the little Aorere had a heavy task before her. At 10 o'clock in the morning, the Duco, which had been despatched from Wellington to search for the barque, put in an appearance, the Aorere being then close to the north end of Maua? Island.
A consultation ensured between the captains of the Aorere and Duco, and it was arranged that the tug should take the barque in tow, and that the Aorere should stand by and assist in steering the derelict. The harbour was made at 6 p.m., and the prize was made fast to Glasgow Wharf and handed over to the Collector of Customs

The Evening Post 22nd July 1907 shows
Late Shipping
July 22 - Aorere, s.s. (2.30 p.m.), 77 tons, Fisk, for Patea

The Evening Post 4th December 1908 shows
Late Shipping
December 1 - Aorere, s.s. (12.20 p.m.), 77 tons, Fisk, for Patea

The Evening Post 18th July 1913 shows
The Unanswered Signals
Explanation by Lighthouse Keeper
The Marine Department, to whom complaint was made by Captain Fisk, master of the Aorere, that his distress signals were unanswered by the lightkeepers on Stephen Island, has received a full explanation from the keeper in charge at the island. In the course of a telegram to the Secretary for Marine, the keeper denies that code signals were flown by the Aorere on Sunday morning. The temporary keeper was on watch at the time, and the others on the island could vouch for his statement that no signals were given by the Aorere. A small vessel with sails set was seen on the day in question, but she was too far off to be distinguished. In proof of the fact that they were on the lookout all the time, it was stated that the Flora, bound for Timaru, and the Koonya, en route to Greymouth, were both signalled on the Sunday.
Mr. G. Allport, Secretary for Marine, informed a Post reporter that the keeper in charge at Stephen Island was previously engaged on the Hinemoa, and is well experienced in nautical matters. He was of the opinion that Captain Fisk had misjudged the distance, and was in all probability too far off to be communicated with. The explanation has, therefore, been accepted

*Death Details Date: 1920, Folio No: 1437, Area: Wellington, June quarter*

Death Certificate for shows Henry Fisk, Date of Death: 2/6/1920, Place of Death: 21 Ellice Avenue, Wellington, Cause of Death: Abrupt closure of Coronary Artery Embolism - a few minutes (as specified in doctor's certificate or coroner's order) Arteriosclerosis - uncertain gradual, Name of Certifying Doctor: H. T. Bowerbank, Date last seen alive by Certifying Doctor: 31/5/1920, Aged: 78 years, Birthplace: Woodbridge, England, Number of Years in New Zealand: 56 years, Occ: Master Mariner, Date of Burial: 4/6/1920, Place of Burial: Karori, Issues: Sons: Aged: 52 years, 51 years, 49 years, 48 years, 45 years, and 39 years and Daughters: 43 years and 35 years Father: Henry Fisk, Mother: Hannah Waiage, Relationship status at time of Death: Not recorded, Relationship type: None Listed, Place of Marriage: Wellington, Spouse: Mary Mercer McWilliams, Age if Living: 73

Karori Cemetery Records show Fisk Henry, Date of Burial: 4/6/1920, Aged: 78, Address: 21 Ellice Street, Occ: Master Mariner, Minister: Rev Page, Funeral Director: E Morris, Plot Location: 80 F C2

The Evening Post 2nd June 1920 shows
Funeral Card
The Funeral of the late Capt. Henry Fisk, will leave his late residence, 21 Ellice avenue, on Friday, at 10 a.m., for the Cemetery, Karori. Motor funeral.
E. Morris, Jun.,
Funeral Director and Embalmer
60, Taranaki st and 28, Riddiford st
Telephone 937 (night and day)
Captain Henry Fisk
Captain Henry Fisk, one of the best known coastal masters in New Zealand, died at Wellington last night, at the age of 78 years. Captain Fisk was born at Woodbridge, Suffolk, in 1842, and early in life went to sea, and served his time on the barque Emily, which was engaged in the Mediterranean and Baltic trade. His term of apprenticeship expiring, he visited St. John's, New Bruswick, and there shipped on an American vessel. During the Civil War, he was trading on the American coast and to the West Indies. Leaving the American trade in 1862, the late Captain Fisk joined the ship Star of Tasmania, and in that vessel made a trip to London. He next turned his attention to New Zealand, and, landing at Dunedin, temporarily left the sea in order to take up gold mining. After three years at the diggings, however, Fisk decided to follow the sea again, and after a course of study he took his certificate of competency for the coasts of New Zealand. He was afterwards in charge of a number of coastal vessels, including the XXX, the Falcon, the little steamer Maori, the coastal steamer Napier, and the Pania. So competent a mariner did he prove that in 1896 he received the appointment of colonial pilot for the New Zealand coast, and for many years was stationed at Wairau bar.
Captain Fisk was popular with all connected with shipping, and right up to the time of his death was a frequent visitor to the waterfront. He was known from one of New Zealand to the other. Captain Fisk leave a widow and a grown up family, the members of which are Captain Arthur Henry Fisk (of the s.s. Waitangi), Messrs F. Fisk (Customs service), Issac Fisk (engineer for the Napier Borough Council) Henry Fisk (General Post Office), Wilson Fisk (Wellington), Napier Fisk (Levin and Co., Blenheim) and Mesdames Ferner (Blenheim), and Wilkinson (Wellington).
The deceased was a prominent Free mason, having been a member of that Craft for over fifty years

Karori Headstone reads
In loving memory of our dear father Arthur Fisk died 16 Nov 1920 aged 77 years. Also our dear mother Elizabeth Anne Fisk died 18 June 1922 aged 69 years. Capt Henry Fisk died 25 July 1919? (Karori microfiche records show date buried 4/6/1920) aged 79. Mary Mercer Fisk died 5 Nov 1927 aged 79 years