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Note for:   Beatrice May Thorpe,   8 DEC 1879 - 16 JAN 1953         Index

     Date:   14 AUG 1888
     Place:   Hokitika Parish, Hokitika

     Date:   19 JAN 1953
     Place:   Cremated at Karori Cemetery

Individual Note:
     Full Name from Hokitika School Record

*Birth Details Date Registered: 1880, Folio No: 503, Area: Hokitika, March quarter*

School Record for Hokitika Primary School shows Beatrice May Thorpe, Registrar No: 1606, Former Registrar No: 890, Date of Admission: 2/8/1880, Former Registrar No: 1033, Date of Admission: 18/10/1884, Former Registrar No: 1034, Date of Admission: 10/8/1885, Parent: Richard Thorpe, Date of Birth: 8/12/1879, Last School: Convent

Catholic Diocese of Christchurch Baptism Records show Beatrice May Thorpe, ID Code: 130476, Date of Baptism: 14/8/1888, Parish: Hokitika
(Note: Baptism with his brother, Percival James Thorpe)

*Marriage Details Date: 1904, Folio No: 4316*

Probate Record shows Beatrice May Cutler, Place: Wellington, Occ: Widow, Court: Wellington, Archives Reference: AAOM 6031 172/53, Probate No: 172/53, Date Filed: 31/3/1953, Type: Intestate (Letters of Administration), Archives NZ, Wellington

The Evening Post 17th January 1953 shows
Cutler - On Jan. 16, 1953, at her residence, 41 Ghuznee Street, Beatrice May, dearly loved wife of the late Alfred Charles Cutler; aged 75 years
Funeral Notice
Cutler - The Friends of Beatrice May Cutler are invited to attend her Funeral Service in our Chapel, 25 Kent Tce., on Monday, Jan. 19, 1953, at 3pm. Thereafter at the Crematorium Karori. E. Morris, Jun., Ltd

Individual Notes

Note for:   Hannah Mary Thorpe,   ABT 25 MAY 1873 - 8 JUN 1905         Index

     Date:   10 JUN 1905
     Place:   Lyttelton Catholic Cemetery

Individual Note:
     Name from Hokitika Primary School Records

Date of Death from Ann Thorpe nee Ryan's Birthday

Date of Burial from J O'Donnell

*Birth Details Date: 1873, Folio No: 690, Area: Hokitika, June quarter*

School Record for Hokitika Primary School shows Hannah Thorpe, Registrar No: 436, Date of Admission: 6/8/1881, Parent: Richard Thorpe, Date of Birth: 25/5/1876(think the birth year should be 1873 as no Hannah Thorpe born 1876)

*Marriage Details Date: 1899, Folio No: 2123, Names: John Bailey and May? Thorpe*

1902 Lyttelton Main Roll shows Hannah Mary Bailey, Ripon Street

*Death Details Date: 1905, Folio No: 1164, Area: Lyttelton, June quarter*

The Press 9th June 1905 shows
Funeral Notice
The Friends of Mr John Bailey are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late Wife, Hannah, to leave his residence, Ripon Street, Lyttelton, on Saturday, at 2.30 for the Catholic Cemetery.
W. Radcliffe

Individual Notes

Note for:   Richard Joseph Thorpe,   28 FEB 1870 - 27 JUN 1920         Index

     Place:   Auckland

Individual Note:
     Four Males shown on Richard Thorpe's Death Certificate

*Birth Details Date: 1870, Folio No: 750, Area: Hokitika, no quarters listed*

Birth Certificate shows Registrar's Return of all entries of Births in the Register Book for the District of Hokitika, during the Quarter ending the 31st March 1870, No: 874, When and Where Born: 28 February, Hokitika, Richard Joseph, Father: Richard Thorpe, Occ: Labourer, Mother: Anne? Thorpe formerly Ryan, Informant: A Thorpe, When Registered: 21 March

1891 Occ: Bootmaker and lived in Hokitika, was a witness at Annie Gertrude Thorpe (sister) Wedding

*1st Marriage Details Date: 1898, Folio No: 485*

The Evening Post 26th July 1899 shows
George W. Thorpe and Richard J. Thorpe were ordered to contribute regularly to the support of their mother.

The Evening Post 2nd October 1905 shows
Fire at Lower Hutt.
Three Shops and Two Dwellings Destroyed.
No Fire-fighting Appliances.
If Lower Hutt residents required any incentive to vote for the Council's proposed loan for a drainage and water scheme, it has been given them. Where on Saturday stood three shops and two dwelling-houses on the main road, between the railway station and the Railway Hotel, now stand a cluster of chimneys, while around them lie heaps of twisted galvanised iron and iron bedsteads, interspersed with cinders and charcoal. Fire has been at work in the interval—flames that were allowed to devour almost unchecked, because the populous suburbs has no high-pressure water supply, no fire brigade; no means of coping with this powerful element of destruction. True, a handful of residents worked like Trojans to prevent the conflagration spreading, but how much more successful their efforts would have been had they been backed up by proper appliances?
The property destroyed consisted of three shops and one dwelling-house, owned by George Cudby, and occupied by Richard Thorpe, bootmaker, Mrs H. Osborne (lollie shop), John W. McKain, saddler, and Sydney Clendon, wood and coal dealer; and a dwelling-house owned and occupied by Wm. Judd, plumber. The value of the property destroyed is set down at a little under 3000 pounds, and it was under-insured by about 1500 pounds. It appears that Mr. Vivian Clendon, who is in partnership with his brother in the wood and coal business, and occupied the house at the back of the shops, was awakened about 2 a.m. on Sunday by the crackling noise of fire. At this time the fire had a good hold of the saddler's and lollie shops. He roused Mr. Thorpe, and the fire spread so quickly that Mrs. Thorpe and the two children had barely time to escape in their night clothes. There was practically nothing saved from either of the shops, or from Mr. Clendon's dwellinghouse. Mr. Judd, however, with the aid of residents, succeeded in saving part of his furniture. There was great difficulty experienced in saving Mrs. Jones's house next to Clendon's. Had that house caught fire there might have been an even more disastrous conflagration, for the whole of one side of Aglionby street - some 20 houses — would probably have been swept away. Luckily the prevailing wind was light, and was from the north. Mr. and Mrs. Osborne were apparently the last to leave the shop premises before the fire — about 10 pm. — and there was then no sign of anything wrong. Mrs. Osborne had a kerosene stove at the back of the shop, and made some tea on it about 6 p.m., and then extinguished the flame. When two railway officials on the way home were passing about the time the fire was discovered, it was noticed that the flames were apparently at the back of Mrs. Osborne's shop, and spreading rapidly. A brother of Mr. McKain put a greyhound in the saddler's shop about 9 p.m., but did not even strike a match. The dog was apparently destroyed in the fire.
Considering the extent of the blaze, it was surprising that a much larger number of persons did not witness it. There are, however, no fire bells at the Hutt. An alarm was rung out at Petone, and some of the local brigade went up and rendered valuable assistance in the "bucket and wet-blanket brigades." In addition to those more directly concerned, great help was given by the railway officials already referred to, and by Messrs. J. W. Reade, Broad, Routley, and Constables Patton and Cox.
As giving some indication of how quickly the fire spread, it might be mentioned that not much more than fifteen minutes after the alarm was given, Mr. Judd's house — the last to go — had caught. The windows in Mrs. Jones's house collapsed before the heat, but by means of wet blankets and buckets of water the place was saved. Had a strong southerly breeze been blowing, the consequences would have been fearful.
Some hours after the houses had collapsed some of the Borough Council's staff under instructions from the Mayor connected a hose with an artesian well, and removed all possible danger of smouldering embers being carried about.
Mr. George Cudby's property was insured in the National Office for 600 pounds, and he estimates his loss at 500 pounds. Mr. Thorpe, who resided on the premises, had a policy for 100 pounds in the National, and 100 pounds in the New York on his stock and furniture, and estimates his loss at 100 pounds. Mrs. Osborne, who did not reside in the shop, had no insurance, Mr. McKain was not certain whether the local agent for the National Office had taken out a risk for 100 pounds as proposed, but it was understood he did. If insured for the 100 pounds, Mr. McKain calculates his loss at 400 pounds. Mr. Clendon, who happened to be away at his father's place at Akatarawa, is believed to be insured for 150 pounds in the South British — 100 pounds on the furniture, and 50 pounds on the stock. Mr. Judd's nine-roomed house, next to Clendon's, was insured for 300 pounds in the South British, and his furniture for 50 pounds in the Guardian Office. He estimates his loss at 300 pounds. Only two or three weeks ago Mr. Judd expended fully 100 pounds in making additions and other improvements to his house.

1905 - 1906 Hutt Roll shows Richard Thorpe, Korokoro, Settlement, Bootmaker

The Evening Post 16th January 1906 shows
At the Magistrate's Court this morning, before Messrs, John Ilott, and E. Jones, Justices of the Peace, G. McIlvride and Son obtained judgment by default against Richard Thorpe for 7 pounds 9 shillings 3 pences, with 1 pounds 4 shillings 6 pences costs, leave for immediate execution being granted.

The Evening Post 23rd February 1906 shows
Richard Thorpe, Lower Hutt, bootmaker, was today, adjudicated a bankrupt on creditors' petition

The Evening Post 6th March 1906 shows
An adjourned meeting of the creditors of Richard Thorpe, bootmaker, of the Lower Hutt, was held at the office of the Official Assignee today. Five creditors were present. At a meeting held last week the Official Assignee reported that he had been unable to ascertain the whereabouts of the debtor, who had left the Hutt, and it was resolved to try and secure the attendance of Mrs. Thorpe. At today's meeting the Official Assignee stated that Mrs. Thorpe was said to have gone to the Wairarapa, but he had not been able so far to secure her attendance as a witness. The meeting was adjourned sine die.

1908 Taranaki Roll shows Richard Thorpe, Molesworth Street, Labourer

*2nd Marriage Details Date: 1919, Folio No: 7078*

1919 Auckland Central Roll shows Richard Thorpe, 47 Great North Rd, Bootmaker

*Death Details Date: 1920, Folio No: 1997, Area: Drury, September quarter*

The NZ Herald 28th June 1920 shows
Thorpe. On June 27, at his late residence, Takinini, after a long painful illness, Richard Thorpe, dearly beloved husband of Margaret Thorpe: aged 48 years. - At Rest