Family Notes


Family Note:   Marriage Details Date: 1869, Folio No: 171, Sup. Vol. 1, Names: Richard Thorpe and Ann Byrnes?

Intention to Marry shows Return of all notices received and all certificates issued under "The Marriage Act 1854", by Samuel Beswick Registrar of Marriages for the District of (Nothing listed) from the first day of July 1869 to the 30th September 1869 inclusive
5/7/1869, Ann Byrnes, Widow, Aged: 27, Hokitika, Length of Residence: 3 years, Richard Thorpe, Bachelor, Labourer, Aged: 40, Hokitika, Length of Residence: 4 years, All Saints Church, 5/7/1869, Rev Auth. Harper

Marriage Certificate shows When and Where: 6/7/1869, All Saints Church, Hokitika, Richard Thorpe, Age: Full, Occ: Labourer, Bachelor, Ann Byrnes, Age: Full, Occ: None Listed, Widow, Minister: Henry W Harper, Date Registered: 6/7, Witnesses: Patrick Dory, Hokitika, Jane Dory, Hokitika